Air Con Blue Series - 9K - 9000 BTU Ductless Mini Split



  • Outdoor Unit -ACZC14H4R09
  • Indoor Unit- ACZEM4H4R09
  • Heat Pump - The Blue Series minisplit system can both heat and cool.
  • Installation Kit included - Completely equipped with 15 feet of insulated copper tubing, PVC tape, drainage hose, and wall sleeve. No electrical cables are included.

  • Energy Saving System - Adopts an advanced control method allowing power to adjust in wide ranges. The system starts up from low speed to high speed efficiently, reaching the desire temperature rapidly and maintaining operation under a maximized energy saving speed. Consumers can save from 30-40% of power consumption.

  • Environmentally Friendly Support - System operates with a more green refrigerant, R-410A.

  • Dehumidifying function - System is able to control proper rate of circulating air; managing effectively dehumidifying process under a low power consumption speed, sustaining room temperature.

  • Inverter Technology - Powered by an Inverter compressor.

BTU 9000
Model ACZC14H4R09 / ACZEM4H4R09
Refrigerant R410A

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